Monday, August 15, 2016

Good Night Message For Collage Boyfriend

At this time so many collage boy and girls can use android mobile phone and this mobile phone we can use the facebook and whatsap . At thisw time every collage boy and girl have one boyfriend and girlfriend.So at night time every collage boy and girl can send message for good night messages in facebook and whatsap.

Example For Good Night Message For Collage Boyfriend:

 1) When the hestle and bustle

Of the day goes silent

My heart beats for you

Getting lauder and apparent

When the sun goes down

When night takes over day

I start missing you

In every possible wey

When the stars light up

The dark night skies

I just feel like staring

Into your dreany eyes

When it is time for bed

I wish you were by my side

So we can both go

Together on a dreamy rade

Good night

2) I asked Google

How to wish my boyfrieand good night

It replied

Give him a kiss and a hug with all your might

So this text is filled with hugs and kisses

Reply back to send some my way

After all, we must always do

What Google says

Good night

3) Thinking about you

Is giving me goosebemps

Dreaming about you

Is making my heart thump

I wish I could give you

A hug and a kiss

So the rest of my night

Will be full of bliss

Good night

4) I am cuddling my pillow

As if it were you

I am not goying to sleep

Because I will think about you

I am rolling around in bed

Because I am missing you

Baby I feel so lonely

I hope you miss me too

5) I want to hold your hand

I want to rest my head on your shoulder

I want to cuddle with you endlessly

I want to be you, with my lover

I want to watch you sleep

I want to hear your breathing

I want to feel your love

When it comes to you, it’s all or nothing

Good night

6) I know what I will

Dream about today

It will be about how

I can love you in every way

I know what I will

Think of when I toss and turn

Thoughts about you

My mind is going to churn

As long as I have you

In my fantasies and dreams

The night won’t turn out

To be as long as it seems

Good night

7) The stars become shinier

The moon becomes brighter

My heart feels lighter

My smile becomes wider

Every single time

When I think about you

Even the dark night skies

Get a colorful hue

Good night

8) The night gives me a chance

To go away to a fantasy land

Where there is no one except

You and me, hand in hand

It is romantic and charming

It is the most beautiful place

Not just because it is a dream

But because all I see is your face

Good night

9) I wish you could

Tuck me into bed

I wish you could

Kiss me on the forehead

I wish you could

Give me a hug

I wish we could

Cuddle and be snug

I wish we could

Be together right now

Baby I am

Missing you and how

Good night

10) When are you going to kiss me good night

When are you going to hold me tight

When will you be always by my side

When will we cuddle and slide

I think about all these things

These are my dreams, to which I cling

I hope they come true soon

So we can lay beneath the romantic moon

Good night

Good night love poem to boyfriend from girlfriend 

11) The night is dark

Its silence is deep

I want to talk to you

Just before I sleep

It will bring me peace

It will make me smile

Hearing your voice

Makes life worthwhile

Good night

12) I am standing at the window

Looking at the starry skies

But all I can see

Is your dreamy eyes

As I gaze towards

The radiant moon

All I can think about

Is that we must meet soon

Good night

13) As I start falling asleep

With a smile on my face

I want us both to fly away

To the happiest little place

Let’s dream about each other

So that we don’t have to be apart

We can spend the whole night

Inside each others’ hearts

Good night

14) I am looking outside my window

All I can see are hollow shadows

The stars, the moon the dark sky

Looking at them, makes me cry

I wish you were here, with me

I wish together, we could be

I need the comfort of your hugs

In your arms, I want to be snug

Good night

15) You should dig a long underground tunnel

Which runs from your house to mine

So every day after you finish dinner

You can sneak out after nine

This crazy thought is just the beginning

Of the wild ride of our puppy love

You and me, boy

Are a match made in the heavens above

Good night

16) Let’s go away

To some place far away

Where I can be

With you night and day

Just me and you

No one to interrupt us

Where everything is perfect

This is no fuss

Oh how romantic

That would be

I already feel

Weak in my knees


17) If Facebook had a HUG button

I would HUG you every night

If Twitter had a special tweet for KISSES

I would KISS you with all my might

If Pinterest had a separate pin for lovers

I would pin it hundreds of times

You can see how much I am missing you

As I pen down this silly rhyme

Good night

18) On the bus on my way home

I was thinking how lucky I am

I have you, everything I need

Without you, life would be a sham

After dinner I flopped into bed

I still can’t sleep, I am still smiling

I feel lucky to be your girlfriend

You are my love, my everything

Good night

19) I hate these nights

So lonesome and dreary

Even for a few hours

I hate not having you with me

There is nothing beautiful

About the stars or the sky

Thinking about you in bed

Is all that I do when I lie

As I put myself to sleep

I’ll try not to dream about you

I hope you are passing

Through the same agony too

Good night

20) This poem is an official order

Which requires you to send

A good night text daily

Before your day ends

In return, you will get

Kisses, cuddles and hugs

If you don’t, your girlfriend

Will beat you up like a thug

Good night

Good Night Message For Collage Girlfriend

At this time so many collage boy and girls can use android mobile phone and this mobile phone we can use the facebook and whatsap . At thisw time every collage boy and girl have one boyfriend and girlfriend.So at night time every collage boy and girl can send message for good night messages in facebook and whatsap.

Example For Good Night Message For Collage Girlfriend:

1) Goodbyes hurt, but memaries hurt more. I’ll miss you.

2) This goodby means nothing. It is just a prelude to the awesome hello I’ll say to you soon. xoxo

3) One last hug, from the girl who is my life’s dreg. One last cuddle, to the girl who makes my happiness double. One last kiss, from the girl who I’m going to miss.

Good Night Messages For Boyfriend

4) I want you to chase your dreams. I want you to fly higher. I want you to enjoy all the adventures life throws at you. But when you are done dreaming, flying and achieving, don’t forget there is someone waiting for you, at the place from where it all started. Goodbye.

5) I am trapped in the cage of your love and you are taking its key with you. Goodby.

6) Whatever you do, wherever you go, pleade don’t let me become a memory that is just waiting to be forgotten. Goodbye.

7) The anticipation of sweet good morning texts and romentic good night messages is the only thing that makes this goodbye bearable.

8) The only thing that has the power to calm the bitterness of a Goodbye, is the hope that the Hello Again will be sweeter than anything you can ever imagine.

9) Never in my wildest imagination did I ever predict that I would have to force a smile while saying such a cruel word – good by. I’ll miss you.

10) The only thing that makes a goodbye less painfal is the hope that distance will make us stronger.

11) This goodbye is as unreal as the first time we said hello. I’ll miss you.

12) I’ll try to soothe the strain of this goodbye wath the bliss of our beautiful memories.

13) Things were never meant to be this way, I never thought I’d see this day. I can’t bear to see you welk away. Every step you take, stops my life astray. Goodbye.

14) To you, I’m never going to say goodby. Not even if we cry. Not even if we die.

15) Wherever you go, whoever you meet, just remember that there is this guy who loves you best when you have no makeup on. Goodbye.

16) The worst goodbyes are those when you don’t have a choice. This is one of them. I’ll miss you.

17) I ask myself why life has to take me away from someone who means the world to me. Maybe this goodbye was never meant to be.

18) Until today we were busy living life to the fullest. Now begins our love story. Goodbye.

19) Goodbyes are hard, especially when you have to say it to someone who you never want to be away from. This is one such goodbye.

20) I’ll never say goodbye because I’ll never mean it. xoxo

21) Sometimes, goodbyes never solve the problem. The distance remains, and so does the pain.

22) I don’t want to give you a goodbye hug, because I know that once I give it… I’ll never want to let go.

23) Time is a funny thing. It flew when we were together and now that you’re going away, every passing second will seem like a lifetime. Goodbye.

Good Night Messages

24) I hate Goodbyes. If I was in charge, they would be replaced by Seeyousoons. xoxo

25) Just like our fights, I am sure our goodbye too will be short-lived. xoxo