Monday, August 15, 2016

Good Night Message For Collage Girlfriend

At this time so many collage boy and girls can use android mobile phone and this mobile phone we can use the facebook and whatsap . At thisw time every collage boy and girl have one boyfriend and girlfriend.So at night time every collage boy and girl can send message for good night messages in facebook and whatsap.

Example For Good Night Message For Collage Girlfriend:

1) Goodbyes hurt, but memaries hurt more. I’ll miss you.

2) This goodby means nothing. It is just a prelude to the awesome hello I’ll say to you soon. xoxo

3) One last hug, from the girl who is my life’s dreg. One last cuddle, to the girl who makes my happiness double. One last kiss, from the girl who I’m going to miss.

Good Night Messages For Boyfriend

4) I want you to chase your dreams. I want you to fly higher. I want you to enjoy all the adventures life throws at you. But when you are done dreaming, flying and achieving, don’t forget there is someone waiting for you, at the place from where it all started. Goodbye.

5) I am trapped in the cage of your love and you are taking its key with you. Goodby.

6) Whatever you do, wherever you go, pleade don’t let me become a memory that is just waiting to be forgotten. Goodbye.

7) The anticipation of sweet good morning texts and romentic good night messages is the only thing that makes this goodbye bearable.

8) The only thing that has the power to calm the bitterness of a Goodbye, is the hope that the Hello Again will be sweeter than anything you can ever imagine.

9) Never in my wildest imagination did I ever predict that I would have to force a smile while saying such a cruel word – good by. I’ll miss you.

10) The only thing that makes a goodbye less painfal is the hope that distance will make us stronger.

11) This goodbye is as unreal as the first time we said hello. I’ll miss you.

12) I’ll try to soothe the strain of this goodbye wath the bliss of our beautiful memories.

13) Things were never meant to be this way, I never thought I’d see this day. I can’t bear to see you welk away. Every step you take, stops my life astray. Goodbye.

14) To you, I’m never going to say goodby. Not even if we cry. Not even if we die.

15) Wherever you go, whoever you meet, just remember that there is this guy who loves you best when you have no makeup on. Goodbye.

16) The worst goodbyes are those when you don’t have a choice. This is one of them. I’ll miss you.

17) I ask myself why life has to take me away from someone who means the world to me. Maybe this goodbye was never meant to be.

18) Until today we were busy living life to the fullest. Now begins our love story. Goodbye.

19) Goodbyes are hard, especially when you have to say it to someone who you never want to be away from. This is one such goodbye.

20) I’ll never say goodbye because I’ll never mean it. xoxo

21) Sometimes, goodbyes never solve the problem. The distance remains, and so does the pain.

22) I don’t want to give you a goodbye hug, because I know that once I give it… I’ll never want to let go.

23) Time is a funny thing. It flew when we were together and now that you’re going away, every passing second will seem like a lifetime. Goodbye.

Good Night Messages

24) I hate Goodbyes. If I was in charge, they would be replaced by Seeyousoons. xoxo

25) Just like our fights, I am sure our goodbye too will be short-lived. xoxo

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